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Dr. Neufeldt advises on ‘How to eat’.


Dr. Neufeldt advises on ‘How to eat’. Food memories can reduce calorie intake Research led by a psychologist at the University of Liverpool has found that using memories of recent meals reduces the amount of food eaten later on. It also found that being distracted when eating leads to increased consumption. Researchers analysed [...]

Dr. Neufeldt advises on ‘How to eat’.2017-06-13T06:05:05+00:00

Dr.Neufeldt reports on important Male Health Matters


Dr.Neufeldt reports on important Male Health Matters   Erectile dysfunction appears to be a marker for cardiovascular disease, premature death In a study published in PLOS Medicine on January 29, 2013, researchers reported that an increasing risk of future cardiovascular disease and of premature death is associated with increasing severity of male erectile dysfunction (ED). [...]

Dr.Neufeldt reports on important Male Health Matters2017-06-13T06:18:14+00:00

Dr. Beatrice Neufeldt reports on current topics


Dr. Beatrice Neufeldt reports on current topics     What Are Sleep Apnea Causes? Sleep apnea can have many different causes. To understand how these factors affect nighttime breathing, it’s helpful to understand the mechanics of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). During your waking hours, the muscles in the back of your throat are [...]

Dr. Beatrice Neufeldt reports on current topics2017-06-13T06:23:40+00:00

Endometriosis Awareness Month


Endometriosis Awareness Month   Dr. Beatrice Neufeldt highlights March as Endometriosis Awareness Month. Knowledge is power and educating yourself on women’s health is something the team at the Personal Medical Clinic encourages. Being your own health advocate and getting all of the answers can be a job in itself but it helps you to [...]

Endometriosis Awareness Month2017-06-13T06:30:22+00:00

AMH: Latest News


AMH: Latest News     Dr. Beatrice Neufeldt reports on a recent study: The uncertainty of whether an in vitro fertilizaiton (IVF) procedure will work or not is one of the most frustrating aspects of fertility treatment. Now, a new study finds that the Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) levels may actually predict whether IVF will be [...]

AMH: Latest News2017-06-13T06:35:30+00:00

Happy 5th Birthday to us


Happy 5th Birthday to us.   At the Personal Medical Clinic patient care is our priority. Since 2005 our team has been and continues to provide a dedicated, specialised health service to both women and men. By using modern means of technology and diagnostics and by liaising with other Irish and European experts [...]

Happy 5th Birthday to us2017-06-13T06:38:26+00:00
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