Happy 5th Birthday to us.


At the Personal Medical Clinic patient care is our priority. Since 2005 our team has been and continues to provide a dedicated, specialised health service to both women and men. By using modern means of technology and diagnostics and by liaising with other Irish and European experts we provide our patients with a unique service in a setting that is aiming to put your mind at ease. Based on the awareness of the Mind-Body-Spirit concept all consultations are unhurried and always focus on the individual need of each patient.

Due to a very positive feed back from our patients and medical colleagues we felt compelled to overhawl our old web page and to create a blog. This site is currently under construction. In future you will find articles on health matters, your questions answered and an update on our services and lectures being held.

We are here to attend to your worries without delay, to provide an excellent screening and medical facility to maintain your good health but most of all to let you get on with your life.

We are here to help.
Dr. Beatrice Neufeldt and associates.